Magazzino Gallery

Magazzino is a new contemporary art gallery on the ground floor of the Palazzo Contarini-Polignac in Venice, a short walk from the Accademia gallery and the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation. The space was in use as a merchant's warehouse for over five centuries. It showcases the work of new or established contemporary artists from all over the world.

The 75 square meter gallery occupies a warehouse on the ground floor of the historic palace. The space preserves original masonery and exposed beams. There is a versatile in-house lighting system, though additional lighting can be fitted to the existing rails. Available furniture includes two museum display cabinets, desks and seating. The space is fully equipped with wifi. It can accommodate up to 100 people for openings and events.



Maggazzino is on the ground floor of the Palazzo Contarini-Polignac. The entrance in Callesela Rota is a short walk from the Accademia vaporetto stop. Nearby institutions include the Accademia picture gallery, the Palazzo Cini, the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation and the Punta della Dogana.


Magazzino hosts an annual program of exhibitions, many of them connected to the Venice Biennale which takes place from May to November. There is also a full program of exhibitions from December to April. The directors welcome proposals from artists and institutions who wish to use the space. Magazzino is also available for hire for exhibitions, subject to the approval of the directors. For further information on Magazzino, please contact palazzocontarinipolignac@yahoo.com


Maruzza - Nuovi Totem e altri Innesti
8 - 29 February 2020



Samuel Yal - NOEVUS
8 December 2019 - 12 January 2020

Press Release
Samuel Yal - NŒVUS (EN)
Samuel Yal - NŒVUS (FR)


Rougemont Totem
19 October - 01 December 2019

Rougemont - TOTEM
19 October - 1 December 2019


Pascal Loisel & Igor Ustinov - ART-PLOT
22 August - 12 October 2019


Anne Flore Cabanis - Venice Sound Weaving
9 July - 13 August 2019



Aristide Najean - Sublimation
11 May - 30 June 2019

Hasard ou Rencontre
Assieme Lourdes


Laila Muraywid - Nascita
12 - 21 March 2019

Laila Muraywid lives and works in Paris,

her work has been exhibited in various institutions, including the Institut du Monde Arabe ( 2018-2012-2001-1997) Attasi Foundation Dubai (2017-2018-2019 ) Musée Galliera Paris (2002-2004 )Fondation ONA Rabat (2012 )Piece Unique Liban Fondation Hariri (2005) Musée Caudrésian des dentelles et broderie (2009-2010)...If Galerie Paris,Green Art Galerie Dubai,waterhouse and dodd london,Kennedy Center Washington DC..

Laila Muraywid work is part of numerous private and public collections in France,Europe,USA,and the Arabe world,Musée Galliera Paris,Institut du monde Arabe Paris,Al Mansouria foundation Jeddah,Atassi Foundation Dubai..


Leonardo Onetti Muda - Faunus
8 - 24 February 2019



365 sogni di Moby Dick
Luc François Granier
28.12.2018- 30.2019



Venice and the Rhino - Luxurys Fragile Frontiers
24 november -21december 2018



6-20 November 2018


Glass Week 2018, 18 July - 9-16 Septembre 2018
Feleksan Onar 41X

Exhibition : 41 X


Peter Seidel, 18 July - 12 August 2018
Venezia Black and Light

Ankündigung Englisch
Einladung Peter Seidel


Maria Grazia Rosin, 19 June -15 July 2018
D'arZento Landscape

Maria Grazia Rosin, 19 June -15 July 2018



Sylke von Gaza, Gabriel & Lucifero, 11 April - 30 May 2018

Exhibition Palazzo Contarini Polignac Venezia, May 2018


Sylke von Gaza is pleased to announce her forthcoming solo exhibition "Gabriel & Lucifero. The most precious Pigment of Renaissance Venice" in April 2018 at Magazzino Gallery of Palazzo Contarini Polignac in Venice. Working with the ultramarine pigment, Sylke von Gaza created a series of abstract paintings that reference the tradition of the Old Masters. The exhibition revolves around two large-scale works, “Gabriel” and “Lucifero”. Named after the archangels, the two paintings make their first public appearance at Palazzo Contarini Polignac. The visitor is invited to take her/his time, to sit in an armchair and to contemplate and experience the pigment’s alchemical power and its effect on the subconscious. The text “Mysterium Coniunctionis. Gabriel & Lucifero di Sylke von Gaza” by the Italian philosopher and professor of aesthetics Guido Brivio (Università di Torino) is part of the setting and offered to the visitor to complement her/his own inner dialogue.




Ahmet Guven, 1-31 March 2018

One no one
Aslı Kutluay – Ankara, Aralık 2017


Ahmet Guven, 1-31 March 2018

Opening:1st March 2018 18:30
Exhibition:1st – 31st March 2018, Tuesday- Saturday, 11:00 - 18:00
Address:Magazzino Gallery 874 / Dorsoduro 30123 - Venice
E-Mail:palazzocontarinipolignac@yahoo.com /ask@aslikutluay.com
Tel:+39 347 6484229 / +90 532 4567031

Turkish artist Ahmet Güven’s "One No One" Exhibition curated by Aslı Kutluay and Alessandro Fiorentino is opening on 1st of March 2018. The exhibition can be visited at Magazzino Gallery in Venice until 31st of March 2018.

Turkish artist Ahmet Güven’s "One No One" Exhibition curated by Aslı Kutluay and Alessandro Fiorentino is at Magazzino Gallery, Venice

The introduction with some One is an encounter.

Beyond the clues of our "first impression" we acquire with that some One; we are subconsciously aware that “One” could have thousands of psychological states and identities that are distinctly different than the first impression.

Ahmet keeps track of this transformation, much like keeping a diary...

He places the ordinary objects that he encountered in the flow of his daily routine as parts of a new composition on a backdrop of recurring black backgrounds. This minimalist and brave narrative proffers us to revisit ourselves, our lives, and our lives’ entire collection that we perceive to be ordinary and imprisoned to its linearity beyond ideologies and prejudices from an objective from an utterly different angle.

During the opening, Aslı Kutluay and Alessandro Fiorentino with musicians Sina Hakman and Sadi Albağlı will perform an interactive performance with improvised music. The "Pen Friend" performance refers to the works on the "No One" exhibit, explaining that people in different geographies can create value with communication by destroying the identity ego barriers that exists in the world while adhering to cultural and natural values.



Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, 13 January 2017
Lucrezia De Domizio Durini

L’arte ricorda Lucrezia la baronessa Durini


Ricky Monti, 15 January - 19 February 2017

L'Associazione Culturale RO.SA.M e' lieta di annunciare la mostra fotografica "L'Abbraccio del Kenja" di Ricky Monti. L'esposizione si svolgerà dal 15 gennaio al 19 febbraio 2017 a Magazzino Gallery di Palazzo Contarini Polignac.

Si tratta di un reportage unico nel suo genere, realizzato principalmente intorno a Nairobi e in altre aree disagiate del paese; fino alla zona remota di Amboseli, villaggio Masai.

Ricky Monti ha fotografato diverse realtà: centri sociali, ricreativi, per disabili, e in tutti questi lo yoga era diventato fondamentale per il recupero dell'individuo, se non addirittura per salvarsi la vita.




Matilde Alessandra - Gino Blanc - Paolo Frascati - Biagio Gibilterra - Gavin Rain - Paul Rousso

Oggi l’arte contemporanea evolve il suo linguaggio a ritmo incredibile. Grazie alla comunicazione globale ogni settimana appaiono nuove idee ed artisti da ogni angolo più remoto del mondo e l’arte e diventata un’enorme melting pot di idee e linguaggi. L’evoluzione nella ricerca di ogni artista risente di questi nuovi ritmi. Sollecitazioni continue portano i ritmi di ricerca ditoni artista a livelli mai visti prima e continue evoluzioni nella loro produzione.

“Retrospective of an Avant-Garde" racchiude le intuizioni di alcuni artisti internazionali che negli anni scorsi hanno prodotto delle opere di particolare efficacia, e che oggi si sono già mossi oltre, ma che in quel momento hanno avuto dei risultati di grande efficacia.

Cenni dei vari artisti ...

Magazzino Gallery presso Palazzo Polignac
grazie alla collaborazione di
Bugno Art Gallery


Justine Bradley, 10-20 March 2017

Justine Thompson Bradley (RSDI, NY. Studio School, Moore College of Art,Philadelphia)

Though now an abstract painter, Justine's training and early paintings have always had a focus on landscape. In all her paintings, no matter how abstract, this sensitivity and curiosity about the natural world comes through in different ways. Sometimes it is just a texture that reminds one of perhaps tree bark or earth, or a patterning that may bring to mind a stand of trees. More recently however this curiosity has turned towards the actual energies that surround us throughout the natural world. Through her recent study of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Justine has been exposed to a whole world of felt sensations perceived in and around our bodies and informed by a universal energetic vibration. Though perceived and revered in eastern cultures for thousands of years, (called the "unconditional winds of vital force"in Tibetan medicine), the source of this perceivable energy seems to have finally found its scientific explanation in quantum physics, starting back with the work of physicists David Bohm and followed now by many others.

What Justine is most interested in exploring here is how this source of energy actually feels when we orient our attention to it. On a more theoretical level she also is interested in how this same energy works to create the forms of all living things, from plants, to our bodies and even the stars.




Marie Hugo, 25 March - 21 April 2017

Marie et Jean Baptiste Hugo


Contours of Eternity



Guglielmo Spotorno, 1-30 Novembre 2017

Cominicato Stampa


Katia Margolis, 9-31 March 2016

ICONOSTASIS is a recent cycle of paintings by the Russian artist Katia Margolis. Inspired both by Venice and by the Russian tradition of icon painting, the works explore the themes of love, loss and eternity.

The cycle comprises works painted on abandoned antique printing blocks, each an exquisitely tactile and textured object in its own right. Margolis uses tempera, ink and gold wax to create images on the blocks, giving them new life as devotional objects.

The resulting ‘icons’ explore a range of subject matter: the cityscape of Venice and the lagoon, everyday objects, architectural fabric, music, light and colour. They are complemented by a series of larger paintings on wood panel, and by projected light installations.


In addition to her work with ‘Grant life!’, Katia Margolis has devised and delivered several art projects for children over the years. These include the ‘Bambiennale’ children’s art courses in Venice, culminating in an exhibition that coincided with the Venice Biennale. Katia Margolis has published numerous articles and essays on the arts and literature, as well as translations of Italian, Russian, English and Polish prose and poetry. Other literary projects include illustrations to Venezia: Paradiso Ritrovato, a collection of work by eleven contemporary Russian poets co-published by the Vassilij Polenov Association and Eurocrom 4 (Incons) in 2011. The edition formed part of the Year of Russia in Italy and Italy in Russia programme sponsored by the Russian government. Katia Margolis graduated in linguistics at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow. She later studied linguistics at the University of Padua. She also studied and taught at the University of Melbourne where she was an Australian Government Doctoral Fellow. In Venice she collaborates with Ca’ Foscari University, the Accademia delle Belli Arti di Venezia, La Casa delle Parole, and the Venice Biennale. She also teaches at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice where she served as artist-in-residence in 2012. Katia Margolis lives and works in Venice.




Katia Margolis was born in Moscow in 1973. She is an artist, writer, translator, illustrator, graphic designer and teacher. She has lived and worked in Venice for over ten years. Her paintings and installations have been regularly exhibited in Venice, Moscow and St Petersburg. There are examples of her work in collections throughout Europe, the USA and Russia. Recent cycles of her painting feature predominantly Venetian imagery and investigate the interplay of love, loss, memory and eternity. She also explores these themes in her first book, Footprints on Water (Sledy na Vode) that was published to critical acclaim in May 2015 by Limbakh of St Petersburg. Katia Margolis devised and illustrated the book Quaderni Veneziani: Joseph Brodsky and Others, an intricate exploration of underlying themes and references in Brodsky’s Venetian masterpiece, Watermark. She also illustrated a children’s book by Brodsky, The Ballad of the Little Tugboat, published by Pink Giraffe of Moscow. It formed the centrepiece of a national award-winning project, The Art of the Book, presented in New York in 2010. All sale proceeds were donated to ‘Grant Life!’ in London and Moscow, a foundation set up for the benefit of children suffering from cancer. Over the last ten years she has curated a series of annual exhibitions in major Russian museums devoted to art created by these young cancer patients.


Aslı Kutluay 6-27 April 2016
In April 2016 in Venice, as a preview for early visitors of 2016 Venice Biennial of Architecture, there will be opened the show of unpublished works by Turkish artist Aslı Kutluay and curated by Vittorio Urbani in a new art space: the Magazzino Gallery on the Grand Canal, one of the most important Early Renaissance buildings in Venice.

Aslı Kutluay, designer and artist, lives and works in Ankara. She takes strong interest in presenting the world’s cultural diversities, dilemmas and richness. She transmits her observations into evocative stories displaying them in paintings, sculptures and installations.

The artist has produced a coherent body of new works, "non-functional" pieces of furniture, intended to create a connection among the artworks, the place and the visitors.. The work from her reflections on the phenomenon of Global Warming: structures at the point of melting or cracking, given the changing climate, present us as in a magic mirror the disturbing scenario we may have to find ourselves in. However, the responsible of these changes are exactly we, the humans.


The design of works also suggests a way of purification to recover what we're losing in terms of an ecology both of nature and mind and in terms of the quality of relationships between human beings. Wirenets for example, are the symbols of borders. This work questions us: do we really need borders and when we do not need them? Should we reinvent and redefine the respect, trust, self-satisfaction issues - all the ethical values gained over thousands of years that it seems we have now forgotten? The installation Aftermath made by two Victorian garden chairs and a table seems to have been corrupted and melted by heat and pollution. At the same time it's a critique on the “battle of powers” which the artist sees as the cause of the world decay.

Nature enters the show with the sculptural work Stalactites and Stalagmites: they've been reinvented by cables and electricity with red light: red is both the color of heat and a reference to the “ego”.

Same reference that we find in Crack table: a table split in two identical pieces – like “Ying Yang”. Lowering the height by introducing a step and slicing the table diagonally, correspond to movements of melting by heat. “Heat” is not only the result of global warming but the tensions created by the “ego” of the protagonists. In this design we do not need chairs to communicate; we purely can sit on the ground. The space between the pieces is the symbol of a healthy communication which we need in every kind of relationship.

The video work Our Blue Planet has been shot by the artist in Dubai in December 2015, in the middle of winter. A new modern architecture silhouette stays in front of the mosaics of the pool and filters are in blue composition. What we see are artificial elements invented by humankind. We can hear the sound and feel the color of water. Water, represented by blue, and collected artificially in this pool, will certainly be the most valuable element in the future.


Kutluay's site specific work stays in balance on the threshold between art and design as conventionally intended. If “art” is a metaphor transformed in an object, “design” is about the industrial production of functional objects, rethought and redesigned according esthetic ideas but with respect to its functional destination. Works in Kutluay exhibition assess if these two fields can be mixed further, and their traditional division challenged and help us to go deeper in this direction.

Opening Night of the Exhibition: Wednesday April 6, 2016, 6.00 pm
Duration of Exhibition: From April 7 till April 27, 2016; Tuesday - Sunday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m Closed on Monday


News Online



"Melting Point, a traveling exhibition project by artist and designer Aslı Kutluay and curator Vittorio Urbani, assistant curator Alessandro Fiorentino and project manager Deniz Taner Gökçe, is now at “Gli Uni e Gli Altri”exhibition between 13-20 August 2017 in Palazzo Baronale di Martano, after being shown in Venice Architecture Biennale Opening (2016), Masseria Jesce in Altamura (2016), in Elgiz Museum during Istanbul Design Biennale(2016) and Milan Design Week 2017."

"Bir yola çıkış hikayesi olan ve sanatçı ve tasarımcı Aslı Kutluay, küratör Vittorio Urbani, yardımcı küratör Alessandro Fiorentino ve proje yöneticisi Deniz Taner Gökçe tarafından yürütülen Melting Point projesi, Venedik Mimarlık Bienali açılışı (2016), Altamura’da Masseria Jesce (2016), İstanbul Tasarım Bienali süresince Elgiz Müzesi (2016) ve Milano Tasarım Haftası (2017) sergilenmesinin ardından beşinci durağında 13-20 Ağustos tarihleri arasında Palazzo Baronale di Martano'da yeni versiyonuyla izleyicilerle buluşuyor."



Maison Francaise


Stéphane DUBOIS

Palazzo Polignac – Magazzino Gallery 28th of June – 31st of July 2016

This 56 years old French artist is an unclassifiable explorer, who created a space of harmony out of his painting. Thanks to thirty-five years of practice he retained the essence of the art connecting us to subtlety and to the primordial energy we all bear in ourselves.

He expresses in paintings those fundamental sources through a particular pictorial technique revealing the purity and vibratory forces of colour. It gives to his paintings’ light intensity, density and a unique invigorating presence close to kinetic painting, adding an indefinable nature similar to a friendly presence.

Even if painting is his main activity, for more than twenty years he has explored music as a harmonious communication medium. Indeed, the realisation of sonorous instruments and tools as well as the practice of overtone singing has guided him to subtle domains of existence.

Thus, he elaborates encounters between painting, sculpture and music. The harmony emanating from the realms of sound, light and shape resonates in our emotions and thoughts.

The harmonizing, equilibrating and energising potentials of his art are largely appreciated in the field of alternative medicines. It allows us to rediscover the healing and spiritual virtues of art.

The exhibition mainly gathers recent large format canvas.

Welcome to an exposition where every painting is a space of resourcing, both peaceful and powerful. An encounter to be experienced…

The artist will be present from Tuesday June 28 to Thursday June 30 and from Monday July 18 to Sunday July 31.
The exhibition is open every day from 12:00 am to 7:00 pm from the 28th of June to the 31st of July.


La Mostra in Mostra

Footage from the British Pathé archive
Magazzino Gallery 27 August - 30 October 2016

British Pathé is considered to be the finest newsreel archive in the world, a treasure trove of 85,000 films unrivalled in their historical and cultural significance. The collection includes footage from around the globe of major events, famous faces, fashion trends, travel, science and culture.

The British Pathé archive contains hours of valuable footage of life in Venice from 1899 to 1967. In this exhibition Magazzino Gallery screens a fascinating selection of 120 minutes this material. Topics include the Venice Film Festival, the Biennale, the annual Regatta, the social and cultural life of the city, arts and crafts, music, politics and much more. The exhibition is curated by British author and Venice specialist Robin Saikia and presents an engaging overview of how Venice reinvented itself in the 20th century as one of the most glamorous cultural destinations in Europe. The exhibition will open during the 2016 Venice Film Festival and is accompanied by a DVD and explanatory catalogue.